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Engage with Charli


As an experienced entrepreneur Charli Nikia is well versed in the world of business. She has been a solo entrepreneur since February 2015, working for herself and running her own business not looking back to her old life in law enforcement. She has claimed the title as “Momprenuer” as she continues to write books, speak at speaking engagements, and spread the word about credit literacy. She is an author of the book “Paychecks to Profits” where she gives readers the one on one playbook to financial freedom.
This serial entrepreneur is a growing leader in the short term rental industry and continues to grow her businesses everyday. Charli continues to set her bar high and won’t allow her dreams to be broken. She also prides herself on showing aspiring and new entrepreneurs to change their mindset about how they view money and credit.


I want to empower our communities and use the knowledge I have learned over the years to make a difference. This world may not always be easy but there's no reason we all cannot have a piece of the pie.

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